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Going beyond the shallow statistics and delving deeper into the lived experiences of underrepresented groups. We rank companies with an ATOC score to let you know who truly embrace diversity and inclusion.

Many companies and brands reaffirmed their commitment to diversity and representation in 2020. Making it the ideal time to create a product that centres experiences over statistics.

Diversity statistics are only the beginning

What is the real experience of employees of colour?

Substantive qualitative research has been overlooked within diversity and inclusion practices

Unhelpful “BAME” data

Current quantitative data on diversity rarely segments the different groups, lumping together employees of colour under BAME does not convey the variants in lived experiences.

Overlooked experiences

Many employees of colour share their experiences of the workplace, however these are rarely used in a way that helps inform future employees and drive change within organisations.

Inadequate diversity

Current diversity rankings utilise representation as a metric, this fails to capture the inclusion aspect of the workplace.

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Create an effective diversity and inclusion initiative

HR professionals

Low retention rates and high turnovers with employees of colour are issues that can be tackled with a focused and meaningful D&I strategy.


Millennial and Gen-Z job seekers place greater importance on inclusion and diversity. A higher ATOC score leads to greater overall satisfaction.

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