ATOC aims to build a community where both the good and the bad experiences can be shared without reproach. Where companies are directly faced with the cultures that they enable and uphold. We want to shift the way in which workplace cultures interact and people can be happy and thriving at work.

So far, we have found...

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We want to go beyond the statistics

The firm does not discriminate individuals on the basis of their race. People can still progress and are treated well.

However, the lack of Black leadership means on a more corporate scale, the firm isn’t equipped to deal with racial issues or conflict
Our presence as POC and our lived experiences can help to prevent negative experiences for other POC if we are in positions where we can explain why certain creative decisions are inappropriate.
There was no constructive road map for fostering the skills required to progress.
Starting a new job working from home has been strange but weirdly beneficial in that I feel people are judging me less on my appearance - initially,

I had no Skype photo and I felt I was automatically respected more because people didn’t know that I look like me
At my firm, race or class is often not in the conversation. When it comes to diversity there was usually a focus on gender with everything else was a level playing field.

Meaning that if I was feeling less motivated for work due to BLM or massacres in Nigeria, I couldn't voice that.
I am immensely proud of my organisation for their level of commitment to diversity and inclusion. Everyone up to the highest management have not hesitated to show their emotions and speak out about ongoing racial issues.

There are multiple open conversations and events about race and a huge drive for people to be proud of who they are, their heritage, and incorporate things into the company's core.
My company has recently taken a more active role in diversity and inclusion and have run multiple events for BLM. There has definitely been support from senior leadership.

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