What does ATOC stand for?
ATOC stands for A Touch of Colour.

What will you do with my data?
With the data that ATOC is collecting about the experiences of employees of colour, ATOC will allocate companies an ‘ATOC rating’ from 1 to 10. This score will then be evident to current and prospective employees and will act as a marker of  which companies genuinely commit to inclusion and those which don't.

Will I be identifiable?
Absolutely not. The information you provide will be anonymised and employers will be unable to access specific answers.

Why are you only focusing on race?
In its initial phase ATOC will be focusing on capturing the experiences of employees across different races. As the project continues and grows we hope to account for further aspects of employees’ identities such as sexuality, disability, and gender.

I have a question and would like to get in touch?
Of course! Send us an email at atocolour@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

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